Antique French 19th Century Meerschaum Lourdes Sculpture

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Acquired in a large lot from France, these stunning crucifixes and fonts are original beauties. Each is significant in their own way, not just for the aesthetic each brings to the table, but for their significance. This particular piece is a sculpture crafted from meerschaum. Meerschaum is a soft white clay almost has the same sort of qualities and texture as soap. It was often used to make tobacco pipes. We believe this was once encase in glass or some sort of memorial or dome. The details of Lourdes make a statement and are  a wonderful adornment to any wall.  
- Size : 3.5 in x 2.75 in
- Materials : meerschaum and brass
- Provenance : 1880s-1900s
- Sourced from : France
- Made in : France
- Notes : n/a

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