$ 40.00

Hocus Pocus Bougie Parfumée

From the depths of the dark, a virgin lights the black flame candle...something otherworldly, bewitching and wild erupts through the sky and lands in a wooden house deep in the forest green. A cackle, a spark...and all is lit. Deftly christened "Hocus Pocus", this nimbus colored candle is all things moody in collaboration between Saint Signora x Elle Moss Co. Brewed with all-natural coconut wax, each candle is set with a cherry wood flat wick that crackles when lit...emulating a fire or...perhaps a cauldron? Crafted with phthalate-free essential oils and top notes of juniper, smoke, and sandalwood. The time has come sistas! Grab a candle and let us fly! 

"...On All Hallows Eve, when the moon is round, a virgin will summon us from under the ground!" *Our last image is a video showcasing the sound of the candle.* All artwork is designed by Saint Signora / Signora e Mare. 

- Size : 3.5 in x 4 in | 285.5g | 10 oz, 45-55 hour burn
- Materials : ceramic, stone, all-natural coconut wax
- Provenance : new
- Sourced from : Atlanta, Ga
- Made in : Atlanta, Ga