$ 36.00

George Washington Souvenir Spoon

The perfect accent to any cocktail, coffee or flat lay work. Perfect as a beautiful prop or functional utensil. Crafted from real ethically sourced buffalo horn in the profile of George Washington. Sold individually. 


The horn items are food safe for dry or cold food and drinks. It is not recommended to use the items to serve hot food or drinks. You may clean the items with warm water and a soft, non-abrasive cloth.


Made from the horns of the Water Buffalo. No animals are killed for the harvesting of the horn. The horn used is a by-product of the animal after it has died of natural causes. The animals are used for farming purposes until that time. Each piece is hand carved by a fair trade artisan workshop in Vietnam. Everything is hand made and produced in small and limited quantities. Due to variations in the natural horn, each piece will be unique in terms of color. 

-Size: 4.5 in  
-Materials: hand carved buffalo horn
-Provenance: New 
-Sourced from: the south 
-Made in: n/a
-Notes: n/a