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Bits of Handmade Paper

$ 5.00


Product Details

Our handmade paper bits are back! These are pieces that we have put together in a variety of colors that we have made. They're wonderful if you're looking to test out Signora e Mare handmade paper or just would like some variation. As with all things that come from nature, the perfection is in the beauty of imperfection. We feel these imperfections only serve to enhance the organic and delicate loveliness of each post of paper.
*Note: All of our pricing is at lowest cost. It is made in-house by our owner, Signora e Mare, and not by a large-scale paper-making shop so please know that each sheet is a labor of love. 
- Size : Varies
- Color : Varies
- 100% Cotton Rag
- Hand crafted in the U.S.A. 
- 10 bits

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