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Brass French Heraldry Wax Seal, Fleur and Olives

$ 65.00


Product Details

Inspired by 18 and 17th century French documents, Signora e Mare crafted four unique designs that have us envisioning ourselves in another time...with candlelight, the rustling of silk gowns, Napoleon and feather quills. Each crest is delicate and ornamented with minute details. The fleur and olive branches, featured here, ensconced in swirls and flourishes...a sign of royalty and peace. We picture these beautifully unique seals atop lovely wedding invitations, notes to family and friends, branding or finishing a dramatic piece to an exquisite fête

- Size : 3.5 in wooden handle and 1 in die
- Solid brass and wood
- Made by Signora e Mare 

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