Early 1900s Burl Wood Box

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Early 1900s Burl Wood box in the shape of a book. Features a lid with brass antique hinges. Beautifully made with heavy, polished Burl wood and brass. You can see the small antique nails used to create this piece...they sort of adorn this book box like jewelry accenting a gown as they call attention to the beautiful pattern of the hardwood. The interior features remnants of black paper and we can see slats where small boards would have been placed to create compartments for storing desk supplies, cigars, tea, bar accessories - you name it. The top of the box is in the shape of a crest and shows a "C" like engraving in a beautiful acanthus style. A tasseled key sets it off.  
- Size : 9.75 in x 2.25 in x 8.5 in 
- Materials : Burl wood and brass 
- Provenance : 1890s-1900s
- Sourced from : the South 
- Made in : England 
- Notes : n/a

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