$ 75.00

Fleur and Olive Wreath Embosser

Inspired by 18th and 17th century French documents, Signora e Mare crafted this unique design that has us envisioning ourselves in another time...with candlelight, the rustling of silk gowns, Napoleon and feather quills. The fleur and olive branches, featured here, ensconced in swirls and flourishes...a sign of royalty and peace We picture these beautifully unique embossers atop lovely wedding invitations, envelopes, or stationery notes to family and friends, or finishing a dramatic piece to an exquisite fête. The embosser reaches 1.7 in from nearest edge of paper to center (BOTTOM ENVELOPE). Crafted from a brass plate, the embosser may give a more subtle impression on thicker paper vs. thinner. Both giving beautiful effects. *Note : We can offer a different plate orientation, but it will add 2 weeks on to order to have made).

- Size : 5 in x 1.7 in.x 5 in 
- Brass and metal 
- Comes in plastic case and muslin/linen bag
Made by Signora e Mare. Design and Illustration owned by Signora e Mare and may not be copied in any capacity or profited from for monetary value (ie selling the stamp impression)