Handmade Postcards

$ 9.50

While digging through piles of antiquated French paper, I was inspired by the muted hues the sheets had turned with age. These colors are the result of such inspiration. The design is influenced from notes of the early 20th century and call to a much slower time period. Each handmade sheet is letterpressed by hand in a beautifully simple black. Each card is secured with hand-illustrated designs made specifically for these postcards. This was a true labor of love and meant to give rise to letter writing yet again.   
The paper may have flaws and is made that way with intention. As with all things that come from nature, the perfection is in the beauty of imperfection. And, these imperfections only serve to enhance the organic and delicate loveliness of each post of paper.
- Size : 3.5 x 5 folded 
- Color : French and Sea Gray
- 100% Cotton Rag and Recycled Pulp
- Hand crafted in the U.S.A. 
French & Sea Gray
Sea Gray
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