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Limited Edition : Cowhide Case

$ 65.00


Product Details

Featuring one large pocket with an antique brass hook for easy accessibility, this small leather case is designed to be used for every possibility. It's versatility is perfect for throwing in one's pocketbook, accompanying a fabulous dress on an evening out or when just a few tools are needed for a project on the go. These limited-edition kits are crafted from local Texas Cowhide. Each hide varies in color. The interior is made from soft, but durable German leather. Our nutmeg-colored leather is paired with this beautiful cowhide.
Some of the leather may have little flaws. As with all things that come from nature, the perfection is in the beauty of imperfection. And, these imperfections only serve to enhance the organic beauty of each piece. 
- Size : 8 in x 5.5 in (folded) | 8 in x 11 in (flat)
- 100% German leather and Texas Cowhide (nutmeg leather) 
- Keyhole and brass hook 
- Hand crafted in the U.S.A. 

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