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French Linen Headwrap and Apron

$ 42.00


Product Details

Inspired by my mother's days of her childhood. She would spend hours in her family's kitchen rolling, flipping, prepping dozens of tortillas for her huge, Hispanic family with a makeshift apron of flour sacks wrapped around her waist. 
This is a slightly more special version of that improvised apron. It's simplistic and frayed lines channel a rustic European life. While, the ability to change from apron to a headwrap would make any woman feel as if they have stepped in a Vermeer painting.  
I wanted to create a piece that was functional in day-to-day rigors, but also chic enough to adapt into a secondary purpose for the days our hair needs a helping hand. We chose not to install pockets on this apron because we felt it would take away from the value and originality of it's dual-purpose. 
Shipping : Please note that every piece is handmade to order and ships within approximately 10-12 days from date of purchase. 
- 100% Natural Linen in Oatmeal
- One Size fits most  (18 in x 80 in)
- Hand crafted in the U.S.A.

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