Ugolini Natural Italian Still Life Mosaic

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Mid Century Florentine mosaic from Italy from Ugolini. Established in 1868, Ugolini is the oldest mosaic art gallery in Florence. Specializing in authentic craftsmanship, the G. Ugolini firm has kept this unique Florentine tradition alive. Mosaic has been an artisan tradition since the end of the 15th century. This art form is more accurately termed commesso di pietre dure (semi-precious stone inlay) and resembles a Byzantine mosaic. The impressive effect is due to careful utilization of the natural color variations found in the stones. Lapis lazuli, malachite, amethyst, chalcedony, red and green porphyry, jade, rodonite, amazzonite, agate and silicized wood are some of the materials commonly used. We love the variation of stones used in this still life and the velvet that surrounds it helps it to pop. This is a unique find and would look wonderful in a kitchen space. 

- Size : 10.5 in x 8.5 in frame | 4 in x 6 in artwork
- Materials : Natural stone, velvet, and wood
- Provenance : Vintage 
- Sourced from : the South
- Origination : Florence, Italy

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