Small Leather French Market Tote

$ 60.00


Product Details

The Classic French market basket in miniature. The top is solid leather and zips across the top for security. A great carryall for the day to day life. This simple French market tote is handwoven from date palm leaf, with a double-woven top edge for extra sturdy finish. The edge is finished off in heavy duty leather.  Double leather handles make carrying a basket full of the days essentials. Leather tabs finish the attachment of the handles for extra sturdiness and will age nicely with time. Handmade in Morocco. 
Please note, some of the leather straps may have little flaws and color variations. As with all things that come from nature, the perfection is in the beauty of imperfection. And, these imperfections only serve to enhance the organic beauty of each piece
Size : 10 in x 28 in (across the top)
Materials : Leather, date palm leaf
Made in Morocco
*Will ship 01/15

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