Sachetto Bag

$ 15.00


Product Details

Sachetto, in Italian, literally means bag. And, we have crafted these bags with the idea of reuse in mind. Made to replace plastic containers or sacks and perfect for on-the-go instances with easy-to-use ties that knot tight. Fashioned from 100% linen in a soft oatmeal color, these bags are designed to soften with each use. The simple frayed edging giving a natural European feel and rustic texture. Use them to transport market finds, produce, snacks, or perhaps to present a gift.  We consider them essential pieces to your kitchen or home.
- Small size : 7 in x 12 in | 3.75 in deep
- Large size : 10 in x 16 in | 7 in deep
- Linen ties for easy closure
- 100% linen in oatmeal hue
 - Hand crafted in the U.S.A.

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