Trio of Victorian Leather Novels

$ 68.00

Trio of books - the Waverley Novels (vol. 14, 15, and 16) by Sir Walter Scott. Leather-bound spine with gold foil inlay. The cover and back are constructed of Florentine marble paper. As one looks down the spine, the marble is reflected in the sides of the paper. Each book is illustrated to showcase the title. These are perfect for styling or adorning shelves. Well made and in extremely good shape considering their age. Titles are as such, "The Fortunes of Nigel, Quentin Durward, and Peveril of the Peak". 

- Size : 7 in x 4.75 in x 1.5 in 
- Leather and paper 
- Circa 1871
- Sourced from England *HEAVY
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