Victorian Sterling Silver Hand Mirror

$ 175.00


Product Details

When we saw this, we knew it had to be part of the shop. We bought this off of a man we encountered at a local market. It was at one point his great-grandmothers and you can see it's been well taken care of. It is in pristine condition and is sterling silver. It's repousse design with poppies are so intricate in detail that the flowers seem to climb off their vines. It's center is engraved with the initials MHG. Manufactured by Gorham, this piece would make a wonderful wedding gift. These mirrors are highly coveted. 

- Size : 9.25 in x 4.5 in
- Sterling Silver (markings on the outside of lip of mirror)
- 1900s
- Sourced from the South
- Shipping : Must be shipped PRIORITY to ensure safe delivery and insure. 

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