Vintage Calligraphy Pen Nibs, No. 2

$ 2.50


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We're huge fans of the written word. So, when we came across these new, old stock vintage calligraphy dip pen nibs we just had to have them. Offered in a set or individually, these beautiful, one-of-a-kind nibs are perfect for pinning a handwritten note to a loved one or friend. Each provides delicate lines in their own way. Perfect for those just beginning in calligraphy and those who are on more of the professional level. Available in the following styles :  

 Champion No. 20 Nib, Champion no. 30, Esterbook Judges Quill 312, Lawrence's Engrossing Pen 44

- Size : 52 M.O. Thompson, Palmer Method No. 9
- metal
- Vintage (new old stock)

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