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We're huge fans of the written word. So, when we came across these new, old stock vintage calligraphy dip pen nibs we just had to have them. Offered in a set or individually, these beautiful, one-of-a-kind nibs are perfect for pinning a handwritten note to a loved one or friend. Available in the following styles :  

Penna Astoria :: love this unusual shape, it allows for thin and skeletal lines. Coated in 14k gold plate. This is a doozy of a nib. 

Palmer Method No. 5 :: extra fine in all the right places just like its brother No.9, this nib allows for hairline script to give a ethereal feel to one's pages. made in England. 

LY9 :: slightly thicker lines, this is an every day nib. from Germany. 

Brause Cito :: it's pointed tip provides a sturdy line and allows for more pressure. 

224 Rekindel Pen Silver Alloy :: slightly flat tip gives a sturdy line and allows for more and even pressure.  

- Size : Penna Astoria, Palmer Method No. 5, LY9, Brause Cito, 224 Rekindel Pen
- Metal, 14k gold plated 
- Vintage