Vitaleta Wax Seal Stamp

$ 68.00

Named for a small chapel in Val d'Orcia located just outside of Pienza where olive groves are abundant and their smell permeates the air. Two bountiful olive branches curve to form a lovely laurel wrapped in romantic ribbon. The effect is classically Tuscan. We picture these beautifully unique seals atop lovely wedding invitations, notes to family and friends, branding or finishing a dramatic piece to an exquisite fête. Crafted from solid brass, each seal is finished with a hand-turned rosewood handle. 

Each wax seal sits within a hand illustrated design by Signora e Mare. Its marbled matchbook box opens to reveal the stamp paired with a stick of sealing wax for immediate use. 

Trade pricing is available to stationers. Please visit our wholesale page for more information.

- Size : 3.5 in wooden handle and a 1 in die
- Materials : Solid brass and Wood
- Provenance : Made by Signora e Mare
- Notes : Includes one antique gold wax sealing stick