Florentia Wax Seal Stamp

$ 68.00

Inspired by the city that was Da Vinci's muse... Florentia is an ode to Florence and her beauty. Florence served as an awakening to so many notable artists and still inspires millions to flock to her beatific views. At the heart of this seal sits the well-known Fleur de Lis (a veiled reference to the Medici Family), while surrounded by a romantic floral border alluding to the city's nickname as the "city of lilies". We picture these beautifully unique seals atop lovely wedding invitations, notes to family and friends, branding or finishing a dramatic piece to an exquisite fête. Crafted from solid brass, each seal is finished with a hand-turned rosewood handle. 

Each wax seal sits within a hand illustrated design by Signora e Mare. Its marbled matchbook box opens to reveal the stamp paired with a stick of sealing wax for immediate use. 

Trade pricing is available to stationers. Please visit our wholesale page for more information.

- Size : 3.5 in wooden handle and a 1 in die
- Materials : Solid brass and Wood
- Provenance : Made by Signora e Mare
- Notes : Includes one antique gold wax sealing stick