THE Shopkeeper

I believe items embody nostalgic qualities of eras, but they also become reflections of the owners who treasure them in their homes. I hope when you encounter my goods, you’re transported to another time and your pieces become part of your own history....I'm here to help collect what you love- to curate a space with pieces that make a home feel like a home.

Thank you for visiting my humble shop.
Katie, shopkeeper


Saint signora

Located in the charming hamlet of Madison, Georgia, Saint Signora purveys the perfectly imperfect. Founded in 2016 by Katie Hyatt, Saint Signora was born from a desire to breathe new life into well-loved pieces. Katie hand selects from Europe and the Southern United States based on the Japanese aesthetic concept “Wabi-sabi”… embracing the beauty in imperfection and worn splendor. She delights in discovering the perfect timeworn patina, the linens which have graced table after table, but still hold their elegance in varied wear; or, perhaps a leather box which opens to reveal silk tatters of a once grand life. The allure of Saint Signora pieces is the embrace of what many might consider flaws; however, it is in these relics’ imperfections their stories are truly revealed.