Saint Esprit Bougie Candle

$ 29.95

Under the light of the cathedral candles, surrounded by ancient stone and souls past, the fragrance of fresh eucalyptus narrates a quiet hymn of peace. It mingles with water flowers, while the heady scent of amber whispers to the Holy Spirit. It tells the tale of peaceful souls and nuns abound in the ritual of mass. This is the holy perfume of cathedrals. Label has been illustrated and designed by Signora e Mare. Arrives in a handmade European linen bag. 

-Size: 3.5 in x 4.75 in | 285.5g | 9 oz, 60 hour burn
-Materials: soy wax
-Provenance: new
-Sourced From: the South
-Made in: the South 
-Notes: n/a